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Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) 


We provide containerised, modular and permanent high secure facilities (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility SCIF) which are built to control access to sensitive information, guard against electronic surveillance and prevent data leakage.

We specialise in physical security & hardening, acoustic controls, visual controls, alarms & access control and electronic and TEMPEST security.

Our products are designed and built to the client's individual performance requirements and can be utilised as Secure Data Centres and Operations Rooms. 

Key benefits:

  • Quickly accessible

  • Highly secure facility

  • Produced to Government standards

  • Highest forced entry rating of any portable secure room

  • Designed to meet a variety of operational needs

  • Made to order to individual requirements

  • Cost effective 

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Technical Detail:

  • Government MFES Approved Security Protection ​

  • Government tested as a standalone secure unit ​

  • CPNI® approved Doors, Walls & Alarm ​

  • Thermally insulated and fire retardant ​

  • Air conditioned ​

  • Inconspicuous - externally shows no sign of security ​

  • All penetrations fully tested allowing communications & data transfer cables to be integrated into the room ​

  • 10ft, 20ft ISO or 40ft ISO or Modular Options available​

  • Easily relocatable

Modular Secure Buildings are also available:

  • Far reduced project build time in comparison to a traditional high secure infrastructure facility

  • A cost effective solution, with the opportunity for the building to be relocated/repositioned if required, whilst maintaining high security capabilities

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