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Aid for Ukraine

Back in March 2022 the team at HS Infra decided they ought to do their bit for the Ukrainian people who have been caught up in the horrific conflict. In association with the charity 'Hereford Help for Ukraine' Hutch and Simon agreed to do an aid run to the Ukrainian border, with essential supplies.

They left Hereford with a van full of supplies on Tuesday 22nd March.

The journey there was fairly straightforward, and they unloaded 200 boxes into a storeroom in Warsaw. The return journey was not so simple, the van broke down and had to be left in Germany. After various train and plane journeys they eventually arrived back in Hereford during the early hours of Friday 25th March, tired and relieved to be home after quite the adventure but pleased to hear that the much-needed supplies would be delivered to Ukraine that evening.


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